ELL: Mrs. Amy Dawes



Office: (630) 428-7000 x5948

Email:  Amy_Dawes@ipsd.org

Welcome to the ELL program! I have been teaching English language learners since I started teaching in the Peace Corps in Africa.  My own family speaks Spanish, so I believe being multilingual is important! I have taught bilingual education and English language learners and am currently working on my reading teacher endorsement.  I also have a gifted teacher endorsement.  Currently, I teach middle school and elementary ELL students in our district.  Since I work at two buildings daily, email is the easiest way to reach me.  

The goals of the District ELL program are:
  • To develop English skills while learning grade appropriate academic content.
  • To develop academic English language proficiency to assist students in meeting Illinois Learning Standards as well as the Illinois English Language Proficiency Standards.

ESL instruction focuses on the development of both social and academic language in all four language domains: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.


District ELL information, including how we assess for ELL:

WIDA is the organization that advances academic language development and academic achievement for linguistically diverse students through high quality standards, assessments, research, and professional development for educators.  All Illinois schools belong to this consortium and follow these standards.  There are 6 levels of English Language Learning and our assessments are aligned to these levels.
WIDA ELL standards:
WIDA Can-do descriptors (what ELL's can do at different language levels):