Welcome to the Scullen Sharks Student Services Team

"Inspire all students to achieve their greatest potential"
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New Coping Skills Google Site to help with anxiety: 

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Student Services Team Members

Coordinator: Jenna Ryan-Garcia    
Email: jenna_ryangarcia@ipsd.org
Phone: 630-428-7017 

        Psychologist:Mark Philipp                                                                    
        Email: mark_philipp@ipsd.org
        Phone: 428-7013

        Social Worker: Tricia Richards 
        Email: tricia_richards@ipsd.org
        Phone: 630-428-7011

    Counselor: Alison Genslinger grade 7 and M-Z           for 6th grade
        Email: alison_genslinger@ipsd.org
        Phone: 630-428-7014

        Counselor: Dina Esposito grade 8 and A-L for              6th grade
        Email: dina_esposito@ipsd.org
        Phone: 630-428-7015

        InterventionistSamantha Morley
        Email: samantha_morley@ipsd.org
        Phone: 630-428-7000 x 5943

        ELL Teacher: Amy Dawes
        Email: amy_dawes@ipsd.org    
        Phone: 630-428-7000 x5948

Where we attended college!
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