Welcome to the Scullen Library!

We are open from 7:45 A.M. to 3:05 P.M. Please see Mrs. Weigard if you need to make 
arrangements to use the library outside of these times.  Stop by to pick up a lunch pass if you would like to hang out or get some work completed after you eat!

Thank you to the PTSA for awarding us the gift of new furniture! Students are able to collaborate and use their devices in our comfortable new space.
Angela Weigard
LMC Director
Phone: 630-428-7000 x 5940

Ghadeer Yacoub
LMC Assistant

How To Clean Your Chromebook Screen

Use distilled water to clean the screen. Tap water has minerals that can damage the screen or leave a film.


Don’t make the cleaning cloths too wet. Dripping liquid could damage the chromebook.


Let all liquids dry before shutting the lid.

Naperville Reads
Whodunit Read to Find Out!

The Scullen Community along with all of Naperville has the opportunity to celebrate some popular middle school mystery authors!

Our 6th graders will be hosted 3 of these authors on Tuesday morning, December 5th in the Scullen Commons.  

Author Visit

Carol Weston Came to Scullen!!
7th & 8th grade students
hosted the author of 
Speed of Life
October 11th 1:20 P.M.

Scullen Spring 2018 Book Fair
May 15th - 17th
Get some great summer reading books!
Tuesday - Thursday 8:00 - 3:00
scroll down to find the play button

Naperville Public Library will come to visit our 6th graders to share about the Summer Reading Program at NPL on Wednesday, May 16th!

Author Visit

Roshani Chokshi Came To Scullen
Today, April 2nd 
Thank you Anderson's Bookshop!

Scullen Tech Team Members Presented at the ICE Conference in Schaumburg on Monday, Feb. 26th.

Our LMC Volunteers are the best ever!  Here are four parents repairing books on a cold Monday morning. We cannot thank them enough for their gift of time!  

Google Expeditions AR
Comes to Scullen

Scullen Geobee in the LMC!
January 17th 1:45 - 3:00
This event will be broadcast LIVE on
The Cube.  Parents are invited!

  • Our Green Screen Studio will enhance your multimedia projects.
  • Checkout audio books, eBooks and regular books through Destiny Discover.  Place your own holds this year!!
  • Our Stand-Post-Print station is available for quick online access before and after school or between classes.
  • Bring your collaborative group to the LMC! Project your screen on the big screen for the whole group.
  • Relax and work comfortably in our flexible seating areas.
  • If you missed the announcements, stop by to check them on our monitor here in the LMC.
  • Check out our makerspace cart to meet your design needs!