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This is going to be a great year! The Sharks are getting ready for the 2018-2019 school year. Feel free to explore the various parts of this page.

Sarah Henning
Subject: French, World Languages and Cultures
Phone: 630-428-7000 ext. 5931

Nat Osmani
        Subject: Spanish
        Email: nat_osmani@ipsd.org
        Phone: 630-428-7000 ext. 5927

Monica Ploger
        Subject: Spanish
        Email: monica_ploger@ipsd.org
        Phone: 630-428-7000 ext. 5935

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Strategies for Improving in a World Language
Class Specific:
  • Teacher's Quizlet site quizlet.com
  • Online textbook site (link from teacher's page)
  • Teacher's Google Classroom site
  • Re-watch YouTube videos from class
  • Teacher assistance with appointment
  • Homework Club
  • Use your tri-fold for vocabulary
  • Use foldables for grammar
  • Set a familiar DVD to the language
  • Teach someone else
  • Label everyday items in the language
  • Say it to yourself
  • Listen to music in the language
  • Check out children's books from the library in the language
  • Use Spanish words with classmates outside of class
  • Duolingo app