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Welcome to Team 8-2 8CC Math & Language Arts!
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Class Materials & Information

Math (8CC):
Unit 1: The Number System
Unit 2: Expressions & Equations - Part 1
Unit 3: Expressions & Equations - Part 2
Unit 4: Functions
Unit 5: Geometry
Unit 6: Statistics & Probability

  • Binder (with dividers)
  • Loose-leaf paper or notebook
  • Scissors and tape or glue sticks
  • Pens – blue, black, red
  • Pencils
  • Colored pencils
  • Calculator
English Language Arts:
Unit 1: Defining Moments
Unit 2: Every Perspective Tells a Story
Unit 3: We Make the Path as We Walk
Unit 4: Born Free & Equal

  • Binder (with 5 dividers)
  • Loose-leaf paper or notebook
  • Lit & Language Textbook
  • Pens – blue, black, red
  • Pencils
  • Assignment Notebook

General Information:

Assignments, syllabus, rubrics, and other classroom materials are located on my Google Classroom.

You will need your child's Google Classroom Username and Password in order to access the following:

In addition, parents are encouraged to obtain student login for access to Pearson DIGITS website

Curriculum Night 2016 - 8CC

ELA Curriculum Night 2016