Lindsay McCoy

Team 6-1 Language Arts and Social Studies teacher

I look forward to working with the 6-1 students and parents this year! Feel free to contact me at or 630.428.7000 - extension 5893. 

ELA: English Language Arts integrates reading, writing, speaking & listening, and language skills through a block.  Blocking allows for the students to see the natural connections between reading and writing while providing flexibility to best meet the needs of the class.

Unit Themes
Unit 1: Charting a New Course
Unit 2: Looking Back, Looking Forward
Unit 3: Stepping Up
Unit 4: Solidarity Toward Change

Social Studies: The curriculum has been designed around essential understandings of how ancient civilizations developed and the impact & influence they have had on modern day society.  The textbook, Journey Across Time: The Early Ages, enlightens students to the important cultures & events of the past and challenges them to make connections with the ancient cultures and today's society. 

Unit Topics
Unit 1: Historical Tools & Resources; Early Civilizations (Early Humans, Mesopotamia, & Egypt)
Unit 2: The Ancient World (Greece, India, China)
Unit  3: New Empires & New Faiths (Rome and Arabian Empires)   
Unit 4: The Middle Ages (Africa, Japan, & Europe)