Jann Hawkins

Jann Hawkins (Science, PA Science)

Welcome to Science! This is going to be a great year, and students will be learning more about critical thinking, scientific inquiry, and the world around them.

The objective of this science class is for students to learn to think critically about their world, develop scientific investigations which will deepen students' understanding, enhance their communication about science, and recognize and appreciate that everyone needs and uses science every day! 

   Students in Project Arrow will participate in the district Science Fair on January 23, 2016 at NVHS and may qualify for regional competition March 12 or 19, 2016. Other seventh grade students may also choose to participate in the Science Fair.
   All students will enhance their scientific & critical thinking skills this year with opportunities to design and conduct their own experiments when feasible. 
   I grew up in west Texas and have loved science and loved learning for as long as I can remember! I also really enjoy teaching math and tell my students all the time that math is the language of science.  I have a degree from Texas A&M and am a fanatic about the AGGIES! I have two masters degrees as well.
   Being part of the staff that helped open Granger and Scullen are two experiences that mean a lot to me. Serving on the State Board of the Illinois Junior Academy of Science and as the Region 9 Chair is a way I can help students pursue scientific inquiry in and out of the classroom.  
  I have five sons and daughters-in-laws and five wonderful grandchildren.  Singing in various vocal group is something I have enjoyed since I was seven. I also love photography and collecting rocks.  
    All Science students are required to keep and use a science journal (a non-spiral) notebook as well as a dedicated binder with tabs.   

   Project Arrow students will use the text Earth Science by Hartcourt, Rinehart, & Winston.  Additionally, students will need to download & print a copy of part of the IJAS Policy & Procedure Manual.

Project Arrow units of study will include:
  • Astronomy
  • Rocks, Minerals, & Geologic Time Scale
  • Energy
  • Human Impact on World Environment

   Students in Regular seventh grade Science will be using several textbooks by the same textbook company entitled: Forces in Motion, Environmental ScienceInside the Restless Earth, & The Human Body.

Units of study will include:
  • Rocks & Minerals 
  • Processes in the Earth
  • Human Body Systems
  • Energy Resources
  • Forces, Machines, & Work