Cathy Malone

Hello students and parents! I want to welcome you to Team 6-0 for the 2016-2017 school year! This is my 28th year teaching and I have been teaching 6th grade at Scullen since it opened in 2001. I am looking forward to a great year together and supporting all 6-0 students as they progress through sixth grade.

Curriculum Night Information and PowerPoints will be available on Google Classroom under the "About" tab after Curriculum night on September 6th.

Math Curriculum Basics

6CC Math
Period 1 Google Classroom Code: gq4jrah

Units of Study
~Expressions and Equations
~Number Systems
~Ratios & Proportional Relationships

7CC Math (Acclerated)
Period 3 Google Classroom Code: 1i4bzhy

Units of Study
~Ratio & Proportional Relationships
~Rational Numbers
~Expressions & Equations

8CC Math (PA)
Periods 2 & 4 Google Classroom Code: in4yrhd

Units of Study
~The Number System
~Expressions & Equations
Contact Information


Phone: 630-428-7000 Ext. 5896

Link to Pearson Digits (on-line math text) for all math classes

Link for your class site can be found on the left
* Parents please ask your child for their login and password if you would like to explore further with what our classroom is currently learning. 

Social Studies Curriculum Basics
Period 1 Google Classroom Code: omt44w

Units of Study
Unit 1: Historical Tools & Resources & Early Civilization (Early Humans, Mesopotamia, & Egypt)

Unit 2: The Ancient World (Greece, India, & China)

Unit 3: New Empires & New Faiths (Rome & Arabian Empires)

Unit 4: The Middle Ages (Africa, Japan, & Europe)