Ashley Menner - ELA/Social Studies (American History)

Hello and Welcome :) 

The focus of 8th grade ELA will align with the Common Core State Standards which place emphasis on literacy and written and oral communication skills. The general focus of the ELA classroom and curriculum  is on reading and responding to literature and informational texts, enhancing reading comprehension skills,  strengthening and improving writing, speaking,  and listening, as well as language development through a grammatical scope that helps prepare our students to communicate effectively in the 21st century.

The focus of 8th grade Social Studies will be American History! Our curricular focus spans from the  colonial settlement of the 13 colonies to America's involvement in WWII. The overarching question that we will continually revisit during the study of the United States is "How does America's rich history shape our definition of what it means to be an American?"
My name is Ashley Menner and I teach Socials Studies and ELA in team 8-1 here at Scullen Middle School. I am here to support you and your learning in any way possible!

Contact Information:
phone: Phone: 630.428.7000 x5920