Welcome to Ms. Schneider's Site!
This site has information and resources for all my classes for the 2017-2018 School Year

Ms. Schneider's Contact Information 
    • Courses:  Algebra I, Algebra Academy, Pre-Calculus
    • Email: alyssa_schneider@ipsd.org 
    • Phone: 630.375.5900 ex 4515
    • Office: G120 (near the Freshmen House)
    • Extra help: I am in the Math Resource H108 during 7th period Tuesday through Thursday. There is a Math teacher in H108 every lunch period, and also peer tutors most periods. Please see me to arrange alternate times to meet up for extra help if this does not work for you! I am available in the morning starting around 6:50-7:00am in H214. 
Course Resources
Schedule 2017-2018
1st Period: Algebra I
2nd Period: Algebra Academy (with Ms. Blanton)
3rd Period: Algebra Academy (with Ms. Blanton)
4th Period: Lunch
5th Period: Precalculus
6th Period: Precalculus
7th Period: Math Resource Center
8th: Plan

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