Recharge Learning - Chromebook 101
Supercharge Your Chromebook Experience

This site is no longer updated or supported. Please visit the Chromebook Essentials Site, the G Suite EDU Essentials Site, or the Recharge Learning Blog for updated resources. 

Technology is a tool to enhance teaching and learning. Technology provides teachers and students with incredible access to a world of resources and ideas. Technology supports life-long learners in student-centered classrooms.
How will you use technology to develop and enhance skills connected to communication, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration?
If students leave school less curious than when they started, we have failed them. #InnovatorsMindset
This site is designed to help teachers and students understand how Chromebooks can facilitate and enhance teaching and learning. The site is divided into 7 self-paced modules. Each module has an introduction to the topic, a tutorial, and an exit slip. Each module can be completed individually. This site also includes additional resources connected to Google Classroom, the 4Cs, and Google Apps for Education. 

If you are completing the Online IPSD Chromebook Course please carefully read the following statements.
  • Please complete the 7 Modules in this course using a Chromebook at your own pace. 
  • Sign in to the Chromebook or Google Chrome using your IPSD Google account in order for all course elements to display properly. 
  • Please submit a Helpdesk ticket or contact the 204 GAFE Team if you need assistance accessing your IPSD Google account. 
  • After you complete all 7 Modules, Andy Fekete will process your registration and update your professional development transcript.  It is not possible to register for the course through True North Logic, the district's professional development site.  
The Power of a Chromebook lies in the simplicity of Chrome OS. Get started by watching how a Chromebook changed one student's educational experience.