The Recharge Learning Site will be moving to the New Google Sites. I am also rebranding it a bit. This is a work in progress. Thanks for taking a look. Suggestions and ideas are always appreciated. 

We can't use yesterday's pedagogy or yesterday's technology to effectively teach and learn today. We must grow and adapt to meet the needs of all 
Technology is a tool to enhance teaching and learning. Technology supports life-long learners in student-centered classrooms. 
The skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity are essential skills that must be developed in all learners.

The Recharge Learning Website is a collaborative project to support teachers, students, and parents to integrate instructional technology. EdTech can be a powerful enhancement for teachers and learners. The overreaching goal of this site is to provide resources and share ideas to support classroom instruction & technology integration. Visitors will find different instructional technology resources to support student skills in each of the tabs connected above. 
Recharge - Gain energy or spirit to grow as a learner.
Learning - The activity or process of gaining knowledge or skill.

Core Belief: Essential life skills should be the foundation of all teaching and learning. Content and technology must be used to build this foundation of skills. 
Guiding Question: How can technology help to develop and enhance skills connected to communication, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration?

"When information and expertise are no longer scarce, teachers must offer a different experience in the classroom if students are to engage." - The Teaching Professor