Happy Spring....almost!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Can you believe that tomorrow is the first day of spring? 
Our annual PARCC testing has brought about many changes to our schedules at May Watts...including PA. At the end of next week (week two) I will pick up my third and fifth graders but loose my fourth graders. But just as our weather transitions from cold to warm...this too shall pass! Have a wonderful week!

Please take a few minutes to look over your child's grade-level page.


Reminders and Announcements

PA binders are sent home every Friday for your review. Please take a few minutes each weekend looking over your child's PA work. I hope you enjoy sharing what your child has learned in class, and asking them thought-provoking questions. They learn so much from you each and every day. Have fun!

Check out the link "Typing Club" on our May Watts Resource Page. It offers an opportunity for your child to strengthen his/her typing skills at home in a fun way! https://maywatts.typingclub.com/  

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