Welcome to Mr. O'Neill's Webpage
This site has information and resources for all my classes for the 2016-2017 school year

Contact Information
    • Courses: AP Psychology & Honors World History
    • Email: michael_oneill@ipsd.org
    • Office: E220
    • Phone: 630.375.4505
    • Plan: 1st - E220
      • Students are free to stop by at this time, but I cannot guarantee availability.  I recommend seeing me in class to set up an appointment before or after school.
    • Resource: 3rd - G222

Course Resources

AP Psychology Test Prep Resources
  • AP Course Description
    • Provided by the AP College Board, this provides an outline of the class and a breakdown of the units students will see on the exam.
  • Barron's AP Psychology Review
    • We recommend this book, but students are welcome to choose a review book from a different publisher.
  • AP Credit Policy Search
    • Find out what score your university will accept for psychology credit.
    • Please note: you should always verify this information with the university to fully ensure the accuracy.

Extracurricular Activities
  • SAGA Co-sponsor
  • Youth & Government 
    • Long-term substitute for Mrs. Neukirch.
  • Metea Travel Abroad

Additional Resources