Welcome to Mrs. Mueller's 
Honors Chemistry Class!

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Mrs. Paula Mueller, NBCT
Honors Chemistry Teacher/Course Leader
Assistant Science Department Chair
Head Science Olympiad Coach
Building STEM Coordinator
Neuqua Valley High School-Main Campus


(630) 428-6000 ext. 4625 
I am available in the morning from 6:45am-7:10am in Science ARC and during 7th Period option in C206-Science Office.


Period 1-Department Assistant Duties
Period 2-Department Assistant Duties
Period 3-Honors Chemistry Room C205
Period 4-Honors Chemistry Room C205
Period 5-Honors Chemistry     Room C205
Period 6-Honors Chemistry Room C205
Period 7-Lunch
Period 8-Prep

  • My class website: https://muellerhchem.weebly.com/ has all of the unit schedules, handouts, resources, a tutor list, Science Olympiad Information, STEM opportunities, and how to request a letter of recommendation from me.
  • ONLINE TEXTBOOK  Mastering Chemistry is a supplemental class resource that includes our  online textbook and a student 'Study Area'.