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Ms. Fay Contact Information

E-MAIL: liz_fay@ipsd.org
PHONE: 630-375-3300 x4198


I will be using Google Classroom to communicate assignments and due dates to students. Digital copies of most classroom handouts will be available there as well. Students are expected to enroll in the appropriate class section listed on the class pages above. They will need to use their @k12.ipsd.org Google Education Account to log-in before they will be able to enroll. (Students are NOT able to enroll using a personal Google account.) Student writing assignments will be submitted digitally via Google Classroom unless otherwise specified.

The WV English department policy states that a student must submit his/her assignment into Turnitin.com by the teacher’s scheduled deadline or else the assignment will receive a zero regardless of its submission by another means, i.e. email, hard copy, or Google Docs. Unless the student has a previous accommodation for the assignment agreed upon by the teacher a week before the assignment is due, there will be no late work accepted on any assignments submitted through Turnitin.com. Students are expected to enroll in the appropriate Turnitin.com class section listed on the class pages above.



We believe in an atmosphere that respects academic integrity where learning and self-worth is reflective of genuine and honest work, and individual perseverance. And that, together, we--the students, parents/guardians, and teachers--are accountable for aligning our school and classroom with the expectations of these academic values.

E-mail is the best way to connect with me, but in an effort to reduce screen-time I do NOT check my IPSD e-mail regularly after work hours (M-F, 7:10am-2:45pm). Please be mindful when you are communicating with me and expecting a response that my response turnaround accounts for using time during my work day when I am not directly responsible for teaching students. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

I am committed to treating my students respectfully and expect they will extend that same respect in words and action both to me and their peers. If I deem any behavior to be disrespectful, I will communicate that to the student, specify a desired replacement behavior and time-frame, along with an appropriate consequence if the undesirable behavior continues. Parent, dean and/or counselor involvement will be engaged if necessary to achieve respectful student behavior.


Who is eligible for reassessment?

All students are eligible for a reassessment.  

What is eligible to be reassessed?

  1. Students are eligible to redo at least one essay per semester.  

  2. The essay type is at the teacher’s discretion.

What are the required steps prior to reassessment?

  1. The essay allowed for reassessment must be submitted by the student INITIALLY for the original deadline.

  2. Once the essay is graded and returned, the student must arrange for a conference with his/her English teacher--via email OR in person--within ONE WEEK.

What is the timeline for reassessment?

The students will have approximately one week to complete a reassessment after conferencing with his/her English teacher.

How is the reassessment factored into the student's grade for the assignment?

If the student receives a higher grade on his/her reassessment, the new grade will replace the original grade.