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          PE Note about Gym Shoes

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Important Dates                                          
LMC Books: Due each Tuesday by 9:05
Math Homework: Due the following day.
Word Study Sheets: Due the following day
  • Tuesday, October 31:  Halloween Parade and Parties, 2:00 pm
  • Wednesday, November 1:  Family Fitness Night

Current Units of Study                                   


English Language Arts

Reading Workshop

Social Studies: 
Unit 1 
Making Thoughtful Decisions
Word Study Skills & Decodable Readers:
Unit 1
Word Study Skills Practice

Beth ...p2
Nat ...p10


Writer's Workshop:  
Unit 1


Unit 1  
Fluency with Addition and Subtraction Numbers to 10


Life Science - Plants and Animals
Structure, Function, and Information Processing

Key Commands your child will be learning this year:
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Ctrl + v  (paste)
Ctrl + Z  (undo)