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          PE Note about Gym Shoes      

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Important Dates                                          
LMC Books: Due each Tuesday by 9:05
Math Homework: Due the following day.
Reading Skills Take Home Sheets: Home Practice only.
  • November 21-23:  No School   Thanksgiving Break 

Current Units of Study                                   


English Language Arts

Reading Workshop/
Social Studies: 

Unit 2:  Our Diverse Community

Word Study Skills & Decodable Readers:
Unit 1 - 
Word Study Skills Practice

P. 2...  Gran's Trips
p. 10   The Pet
p. 14   Wong from Hong Kong
p. 18  Where is Wong?
p. 26 The Swim Meet
p. 30 At the Reef
p. 36 The Bug Glass


Writer's Workshop:  
Unit 1

Review: Nouns & Complete sentences

Statements, Interrogative, and Exclamatory sentences


Unit 2  
 Introduction to Place Value Through Addition and Subtraction 20

Weekly Zearn Assignments
Students should complete lessons by next Monday.

Unit: 2   Lesson:  16


Waves: Light and Sound

We are working on logging in and becoming comfortable with entering our passwords.  

Explore these Technology Sites at Home:
Login information is available on your child's personal log-in sheet.



Key Commands your child will be learning this year:
Ctrl + c   (copy)
Ctrl + v  (paste)
Ctrl + Z  (undo)