Welcome To 2J...Mrs. Domyancic Owen Elementary

Science Expo form due 1/17.  Expo is 1/30 6:00-8:00 pm
Donation of new or gently used books for grades k-6...Bernie's Bookhouse

What's Happening This Week In 2J...

WORD STUDY:    There will not be any new high frequency words this week.  Please review all the old words from January and previous months.

Everyone should study the words nightly to be able to spell them on Friday.

Concepts for the week:  Two sounds of oo...moon and book, contractions, and comparing two items and more than two items...er/est.

ELA:  Weekly Reader on Martin Luther King.  Dear Mr. Blueberry will be a story from our Harcourt reader.  We will practice these reading strategies with this story:  rereading, predictions, inferring, picture clues, and fluency.  I may be sending home the readers for nightly practice.  PLEASE RETURN THE READER THE NEXT DAY.  Take time to do the nightly reading and make sure your child has "just right" books in their book boxes.  This means that they are interested in the book and can read most of the words on their own.

MATH:  UNIT 4: ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION UP TO 100  We are continuing our study of addition/subtraction of 2 and 3 digit numbers and WORD PROBLEMS. Thanks for your support with these lessons. Continue to review the nightly homework.  Also, kids can  This unit builds on what we have learned so far this year.  We will learn strategies for adding/subtracting numbers up to 100...arrow way, number bonds, and tradition methods.  Word problems will be solved with Read, Draw, Write (an equation), and Write (word sentence).   Addition and Subtraction facts are the foundation for completing these problems.  Please continue to review facts for "Fact Power".

SOCIAL STUDIES/SCIENCE: The Working World is our new social studies unit.  Vocabulary for this unit is...income, goods, services, tax, factory, trade, barter, and transportation.  Essential Questions: Where do goods come from?  Who are producers and consumers? Why is trade important? How does a map assist in transporting good?
Writing Workshop:  Opinion Writing...5 parts.
State opinion, 3 reasons to support opinion, restate opinion.  
READ ALOUD:  The One and Only Ivan
 BE IN TOUCH:  Jean_Domyancic@ipsd.org  630-428-6341
  • Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have.  Jean_Domyancic@ipsd.org
  • I sent home your child's Google password.  They can go onto Google and practice creating documents with your supervision.
  • Take time to go to the public library and checkout some interesting, seasonal books.  This is free and fun!
  • Bernie's Book House Donation 1/17-1/30...please bring in new or gently used books for donation to the less fortunate.  This is a school wide book drive.
  • Aimsweb Testing:  We will be completing the reading and math aimsweb test this week in the computer lab on Wednesday and Friday. We will do the reading fluency testing on Thursday in the LMC.
  • January 17th Start of 3rd Quarter
  • January 30th Science Expo 6:00-8:00 pm
  • February 6th Curriculum Party for 100th Day of School
  • February 14th Valentine's Day no party but students will be able to bring valentines in for the class if they choose.  Not food items.  If they bring cards, must have one for every student.  I will be sending home class list later this month.
  • February 19th  No School President's Day
  • February 28th Open House for Owen 
  • March 1st No School Optional Conferences from 1-8:00 pm (note coming home 2/12)
  • March 2nd  No School Teacher Institute
  • March 3rd   PTA Resale