Welcome Page

Welcome to 5C - Together we will have a wonderful and productive year!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ~ Mrs. Chen         
~ Read daily for 20 minutes

Week of May 20
~ Be sure to bring the charged Chromebook
~ Read 20 minutes daily
~ Math Dreambox or Reflex math 20 minutes daily
~ Scullen Registration to Scullen

Join 5C 
and practice reading, language arts, and math in the following websites: 

Deltamath.com - click create an account, student, 
code: 712407, create own email and account, 
choose an account from the drop-down menu.

* Dreambox  - sign in using your SSO and click
Dreambox to get in. 

** 5C Google Classroom - sign in using 
your SSO from www.ipsd.org - icon has 
yellow, green square with a person inside 

** Freckle.com - type in name 
class code: chenxs

click sign in using SSO from www.ipsd.org and 
Google account - blue and white Newsela icon

Science Textbook: Use single sign-on from www.ipsd.org - black and yellow rectangle National Geographic icon

Use the SSO and click the "my Lexia" icon
Use district computer login in name and password

(short email & password)

Use SSO and click the "blue and yellow " icon
Login with nature fun names
Be familiar with BYOT policy when bringing technology to Fry - Technology tools are to be only used at designated times as specified by teachers.

CONTACT MRS. CHEN                                                         
Phone: (630) 428-7455
Email: celestine_chen@ipsd.org
Fry Elementary School
Room 228

5/28 Main Event 
5/31 Field Day

5C Events

Specials Time & Day:

 * PE with Mr. Laskowski - Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
 * Music with Mr. Henry - Thursday, Friday
 * Art with Mrs. Mills - Monday