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May Watts Core Values                                 
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Safe
Class News                                              

Important Dates                                

LMC Books: Due by 9 am on Tuesdays
Math Homework: Due the following day.

Important Dates:
  • October 15 (Monday) November Conference Time-Slots open 10:00am. Parents schedule times electronically through HAC (Home Access System).
  • October 17: STEAM night
  • October 22-26 (M-F) Story Character Pumpkin Projects Due (optional)
  • October 31 (Wednesday) Halloween Parade & Party
  • November 1 (Thursday) P/T Conferences 4:30-8:00
  • November 5 (Monday) P/T Conferences 8:00-8:00
Current Units of Study                                   


The students will be learning and practicing using manners.  Saying, please, thank you, excuse me.  Letting an adult pass through our line when walking in the hallway. Using kind words with fellow students at May Watts. 

English Language Arts

Writing Workshop: 
We will be learning about OPINION WRITING for the next few weeks.  

Language Skills/Phonics
  • Rules of capitalization 
  • Short vowel I this week
  • We will be starting VERBS 
  • We will continue to practice writing a complete sentence with a subject and a predicate


Unit 1: Sums and Differences to 10


What is Science?  Science experiments with student observation

The students will be able to use a CROME BOOK in school.  Last week, they created a picture sign in that was written on an index card and kept in school in a private area and only for their use.  We will be using math programs and RAZ KIDS and ZEARN on the computer along with doing research and various projects throughout the year.