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May Watts Core Values                                 

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Important Dates                                        

LMC Books: Due each Tuesdays, by 9:05

Math Homework: Due the following day

Thursday, May 11th: Brookfield Zoo Trip

Special Message about Homework:
I do not correct and return math homework. I do review it and record that the student is turning in papers on a regular basis. If I notice that a student is having trouble with a concept, I meet with the student and help them work through their difficulty.
Current Units of Study                                   


English Language Arts

Reading Workshop: 

Unit 4: Investigating Wonders in our World
  • We will continue reading nonfiction books about insects and animals in order to tie into our ELA and Science units. We will locate and use nonfiction text features during group time.

Grammar & Punctuation: 
  • Contractions
  • We will also be reviewing commas, punctuation and capitalization.

Writing Workshop:
As we study nonfiction, the students will be doing insect/or animal research using books and Pebble go online. The students' will create a nonfiction book on an insect or animal of their choice that includes an table of contents, glossary, index, diagrams, captions, photos, etc. 

* We are almost done with our Animal Research Projects!  Thank you to all the parents who volunteered this week to help us!


Unit 6:
Place Value, Comparison, Addition and Subtraction to 100


Unit 5: Insects: "Going Buggy"

Students will have a basic knowledge of the characteristics and life cycle of insects and bugs and explore how living things function, adapt and change.

Essential Questions:

  1. What is a bug?

  2. What is an insect?

  3. What are the stages of an insect   

           life cycle?


    LMC Friday every Friday at 12:00-  12:50