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Thank you for all the good wishes on my retirement!
Keep reading!

-Mrs. May


May Watts Book Exchange collection May 8 - May 11 
Save your well-read favorites to bring in for tickets to use at the Book Exchange to be held on Friday, May 12th. 

Kane County Cougars Tickets will be coming home this week. All tickets and vouchers will be in an envelope sent home with the oldest child.

April Reading Reward: Ice cream from Oberweis.
The Reading Incentive program is over for this year.

May Watts Reads
Our Reading Incentive Program will start October 1st. Use your District login and maywatts as password.
Monthly Goals are as follows:
Kindergarten-Grade 2      300 minutes
Grade 3                         360 minutes
Grades 4-5                     400 minutes

LMC Director - Mrs. Laurie May
Phone: 630-428-6707
Email: laurie_may@ipsd.org

LMC Assistant - Gendy Jaramillo
Email: gendy_jaramillo@ipsd.org

May 1st
Remember Book Collection next week!
K- This Book is Out of Control, by Richard Byrne
Gr. 1 & 2 -  Not Quite Narwhal, by Jessi Sima
Gr. 3 - Casey at the Bat, by Ernest Lawrence Taylor

April 24th
K- Sharks, Fiction and Nonfiction
Gr. 1 - 
Sharks, Fiction and Nonfiction
Gr. 2 - Never Smile at a Monkey, by Steve Jenkins
Gr. 4 - John Deere, That's Who, by Mauer & Zeltner

April 17th
K- The Hungry Thing, by Jan Slepian
Gr. 1 - Carnivores, by Aaron Reynolds
Gr. 2 & 4 - The Three Little Javelinas, by Susan Lowell
Gr. 3 - The Great Migration, by Eloise Greenfield

March 20th
K&1 - Green Pants, by Kenneth Kraegel the author that 
will be visiting May Watts on Monday, April 10th
Gr. 2-4 Digital Citizenship, Read Dot by Randi Zuckerberg
Gr. 5 Digital Citizenship - Privacy Online

March 13th
K- The Secret Science Fair that Almost Ate the School,
by Judy Sierra
Gr. 1-3 11 Experiments that Failed, by Jennifer Offill

March 6th
K-2 One Proud Penny, by Randy Siegel & Serge Bloch
Grades 3-5 - Destiny features continuted

February 20th
K-The Cheese, by Margie Palatini
Grades 1-2 - Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude
Grade 3 - Logging into Destiny
Grades 3-5 Bluestem Voting

February 13th
K - Learning Self-Checkout
Grades 1-2 - XO OX: A Love Story, by Adam Rex and
    Scott Cambell
Grades 3-5 Bluestem voting

February 6th
K-2 Read New Shoes, by Susan Lynn Meyer &
Monarch Award Voting
Grades 3&4 - Notetaking
Grade 5 - Citing Sources

January 31st
Monarch Award Nominees
Grade 3 - WeVideo exploration

January 24th
K-2 Monarch Award Nominees
Grade 3 - Research Basics
Grade 4 - Research Basics 

January 17th
Monarch Award Nominees
3-5 Young Authors Program

January 10th
Monarch Award Nominees
3-5 Bluestem booster
Grade 4 Solving the Puzzle Under the Sea, by Robert Burleigh
Grade 5  How to verify the truth of online information

Monarch Award Nominees
3-5 How to read a Graphic Novel
(Yes, Graphic Novels are real books!)

Week of November 28th
Kindergarten-How Did That Get in My Lunchbox, by Chris Butterworth
(Monarch Nominee)
1st & 2nd Grades-Preparation for Naperville Reads visit 12/6
Books by Kathryn Otoshi & Sally Walker
3rd & 4th Grades- Features of Graphic Novels

Week of November 21st

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Week of November 14th
Kindergarten-2nd Grade
Introduction to 2017 Monarch Award Nominees
Read Gaston & Rosie Revere Engineer
3rd Grade
4th Grade
Spot the Plot, by J. Patrick Lewis (Plot vs. Theme)
5th Grade
Eoin Colfer's visit

Eoin Colfer's visit to May Watts

Week of November 7th (No School 11/7 or 11/8)

Turtle's Penguin Day,
Valeri Gorbachev
1st Grade
Guess Again, by Mac Barnett
2nd Grade
Eight Dolphins of Hurricane Katrina, by Janet Coleman
3rd Grade
How I Learned Geography, by Uri Shulevitz
4th Grade
Rachel Carson
5th Grade
Eoin Colfer visit on Thursday

Week of Oct. 31st
Good News, Bad News and Llama, Llama Bully Goat
1st Grade
Buddy and Earl and the Great Big Baby, by Maureen Fergus
2nd Grade
Great Series for 2nd Graders
3rd Grade
So You Want to Be President? by Judith St. George

Week of Oct. 24th
Five Little Monkeys Trick or Treat, by Eileen Christelow
1st Grade
Creepy Carrots, by Aaron Reynolds
2nd & 3rd Grades
The Squeaky Door, Margaret Read MacDonald
4th & 5th Grades
The Wolves in the Walls, by Neil Gaiman

Week of Oct. 17th

Red, Red, Red, by Valerie Gorbachev
1st Grade
Bullies Never Win, by Margery Cuyler
2nd Grade
Born Yesterday; The Diary of a Young Journalist, by James Solheim

Week of Oct. 10th
Ganesha's Sweet Tooth, by Emily Haynes and Sanjay Patel
1st Grade
This is Me; The Story of Who We Are and Where We Came From, Jamie Lee Curtis
2nd Grade
One Plastic Bag, by Miranda Paul

Grades 3-5
Bluestem Award Introduction

Week of Oct. 3rd
Measuring with Monkeys, by Tracey Steffora
1st Grade
I Can See Just Fine, by Eric Barclay
2nd Grade
The Snow Show with Chef Kelvin, by Carolyn Fisher

Week of Sept. 26th

GroovyJoe: Ice Cream & Dinosaurs, by Eric Litwin (Parts of a book review & using shelf markers)
1st Grade
Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians, by Jack Mims Hopkins (Choosing Just Right Books)
Grades 2-5
maywattsread.com Instructions (Change in password to maywatts) Starts Oct. 1st

Author Jennifer Holm visited 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders on Sept. 30th. Click this link to see highlights of her visit.

Week of Sept. 19th

Z is for Moose, by Kelly Bingham
1st Grade
How this Book Was Made, by Mac Barnett
Grades 3-5
Meet the author, Jennifer Holm

Week of Sept. 12th

Kindergarten:The Letters are Lost, Lisa Ernst (Parts of a Book)
1st Grade: The Shelf Elf, Jackie Hopkins (Library procedures)
2nd Grade: Tomorrow's Alphabet, by George Shannon (Call Numbers)
Grades 3-5: Dictionary Guide word practice (Call Numbers)

Week of Sept. 5th

Kindergarten:Library procedures
1st Grade: The Shoemaker and the Elves
Grades 2-5: Proper use and storage of laptops

Thursday: Visit from Chris Eliopoulus, illustrator of the Ordinary People Change the World Series