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News by Eden and Leah 3/22/19


In 3C and 3I we are in the perimeter and area units. 3C and 3I took a math test. In 3W they are studying fractions.

Updates on 3WExtra

On Friday 22, we will have a pizza party. We might be able to watch a movie called The American Tail on Friday too. We get to bring our own drinks of our choice.

News by DJ and Ma'Kayla 3/14/19

This week we are learning about memoirs. We made our own papers and videos on flipgrid. We also learned about homophones, homographs and cause and effect. It was fun when we won the read to the summit. In 3I math they are learning area and perimeters. In 3C math they are learning the same thing. In 3W math they were  learning learning division and multiplication and they are starting a new unit in fractions. In P.E. we just finished our dance and are pumped for the rockwall unit. In music we are ahead of all of the classes in 3rd grade. We just finished with our recorders and have been using the boomwhackers. I hope you liked reading this new and have a great day.

News by Luka and Siri 3/7/19

This month we are learning about homographs and verbs.Do you know how we won the read to submit?”We read every single day!”

We also played a game with action words. The person who last to stand wins.Who ever says pass they write sentences with the action words they had. Some of us finished our third quarter of our spelling list! We also learned to show not tell words too!  We also learned about proverbs. Proverbs are common sayings that are lessons that people use in life. We discussed why lessons are important. We asked our families about proverbs from our cultures. We hope you have a good spring break!

News by Ishika and Allison 2/4/19

This  month we are learning about homophones like: To, Two, And Too. Also 3W is in the lead for the read to the submit. The read to submit is when a child has to read one hour in total for the parent to sign a ticket. The next day of they put the ticket in the envelope. At the end of the week our library teacher will count the tickets and move the classes character up the mountain. If you reach the top you start over but the tickets you got before still count. At some point in February the class that got the most tickets wins a pizza party! 3W is also working on there all about me maps. In the map we First, we draw ourselves, then our room, then our house, our street, our town, our state, our country, and finally our world! We hope you enjoyed reading.

News By Daniella and Ethan! 1/18/19

This week we have been working on some interesting things! In math we are skip counting by 7s, 8s, 9s and 10s! In word study we are working on homophones! We have heard about a boy who made a difference by giving homeless kids shoes! In ELA we have been making  projects in adobe spark on how we can make a difference! We made groups the groups were anti smoking, homeless\poverty and a lot of other groups too! I hope you enjoyed this message!

News from Jonas and Emilio 12/7/18

Hey everyone this is Emilio and Jonas! This week the news is...everyone has been working on multiplication and division in math. We have done two Socratic seminars. They were on the  topic of finding $100 and deciding whether to return it and if school should be year round. We read Energy Island and did a comic strip on it! We are nearing the end of The land of Stories, book 1, The Wishing Spell! Mrs.Wegrzyn bought some more books! We're working on plurals in word study. We moved our desks around. This has been the weekly news!

News from Trevor and Mari 11/16/18

This is the latest news! In 3W math we are working on place value. In 3C math we are working on borrowing and subtracting. In 3I math we are working on kilograms and grams. In 3W math we are working on rounding multi-digit numbers to any place value. In ELA we are working on reading 14 cows for America. We are also working on long vowels. In ELA we are also working on making a change in the world. For example we read a quote that said, “nothing in the world is so strong  it cannot be wounded, nor a people so small it cannot offer mighty comfort.” Don’t forget to bring your recorders on Tuesday!

News from Madison and Yaretzi 10/25/18

In math class, we are learning about multiplication, clocks, and division. Reflex and Zearn are games to help us learn. In read aloud, we are reading, "The Land of Stories." The Land of Stories has a lot of different kingdoms.  Alex and Connor are trying to go back home to their real life. In daily five, .

News from Liam and Gabe  10/2/18

Hi Liam and Gabe here. Let’s hear about the week’s news. In ELA we are learning about forwards and backwards poems (reversos) from the book Mirror Mirror. They tell about poems from the different perspectives of fairy tale characters. On Monday it was pajama day at school. Even though some people didn't wear pajamas, it was still fun for everyone. On Tuesday it was silly sock day at school. On Wednesday it was wear your favorite sports jersey day. On Thursday it is fun run day. It is also Learn Not to Burn Day. It’s a program where we will learn about fire safety. This was Liam McManamon and Gabriel Molyboga. Go 3W and fun run!

News from Vedanth and Claire 9/21/18

This week we are starting to learn multiplication and division. We even learned about ending and beginning consonant clusters. We did sentence structure, too.Be sure to remember the Fun Run on October 4th! Try to remember to raise $25 for our school and you can earn an assembly from a famous BMX rider. Be sure to remember!!!

News from Will and Illia   9/14/18

Hey, this is Will and Illia coming with the news this week. We are learning about Jackie Robinson in ELA. He was the first African American baseball player. He was really special. In a math we are learning how to do multiplication and division. One of the properties in multiplication is the commutative property.We wonder what we will learn next week.

News from Mrs. Wegrzyn 8/26/18

Welcome back to school! I am welcoming you all to 3W with open arms. I hope you had a wonderful summer and are ready to start the new school year! This year you are going to become stronger readers, writers, and mathematicians! I will be here to help you along the way. Please let me know how you are adjusting to our classroom. Don't forget to be extra welcoming to our new friends at Brookdale! Let them know what being a Bobcat is truly about!