Welcome to 3W's third grade website. Here you will find updated news from the class written and edited by the students of 3W! You will also have easy access to important dates and websites to use at home. 

News from Ryan and Grant 12/13/16

This unit we have been talking about making a difference. We read a book called, The Boy who Harnessed the Wind. This book is about how doing something and not giving up. In the story, William lived in Malawi. There was a drought so William made a windmill pumped water and gave electricity to his community. We wrote about the two problems and the steps to solving them. We also read a book called, Energy Island. In this book a man named Soren Hermenson wanted to make the community in Samso, Demark energy independent by using renewable. At first some people thought that accomplishment wouldn't make a difference, but they realized that they could get electricity from renewable energy sources. In both stories people made a difference.

News from Michael and Khylan 12/13/16

We are learning about matter. Matter is everything around you. The states of matter are solid, liquid, and gas. There are physical changes and chemical changes. Physical changes, change the way something looks like. Chemical changes, changes matter into a new kind of matter. On December 19th we are having MATTER DAY! You should bring in your item for matter by Friday, December 16th. We are excited because we don't know what to expect!  

News from Husain and Lina 10/25/16

Hi, my name is Husain and my name is Lina. We are learning about why 60 million kids from around the world don't go to school. There are barriers that block some kids from going to school. For example we read about a school in Haiti that had an earthquake. Since there was an earthquake many kids couldn't go to school. Someone decided to build a tent school because their other schools got destroyed. The kids got to sing, play games, and learn many things in the tents. In writing, we are learning how to write paragraphs. Our paragraphs are going very good! This is a great school for learning!

News from Gentian and Amit 9/27/16
We have been doing lots of fun stuff this year. We really like math! In 3rd grade math we are starting to learn about multiplication. In accelerated math we just took a test on place value. In word study we are learning about how to group consonant clusters. We are also learning how to write our words better.  In writing we are learning to write complete sentences. We hope you have a good day!

News from Vivaan and Karina 9/20/16

Welcome to the news page. We have been practicing XtraMath and Front Row. Make sure to look at the login information in our assignment notebooks. In ELA we have been learning about different perspectives. We read a book about Jackie Robinson and how he broke the color barrier. He was a strong and athletic person. We are also almost done learning Daily Five routines. Some of our favorites are listening to Tumble books and Word Work. We can't wait to learn more this school year!

News from Mrs. Wegrzyn 8/10/16

Welcome back to school! I am welcoming you all to 3W with open arms. I hope you had a wonderful summer and are ready to start the new school year! This year you are going to become stronger readers, writers, and mathematicians! I will be here to help you along the way. Please let me know how you are adjusting to our classroom. Don't forget to be extra welcoming to our new friends at Brookdale! Let them know what being a Bobcat is truly about!