Welcome to Mrs. Hamilton's Class

This Months Happenings

This Month in ELA
  • Non-fiction features (just to name a few)
    • bullets
    • comparisons
    • cutaways
    • diagrams
    • hyperlinks
    • list
    • print type
  • 5W's
    • Who, What,Where, Why, When
  • Comparing and contrasting stories
  • Reading response
This Month's HFW

three        four           to            two 
sea           would        night       know
before       sound       after        winter
paper        same        wrong      study
school       between   ask           too

This Month in Math
  • Identifying the unknown in addition and subtraction word problems
  • Adding and subtracting within 200 to solve one-step and two-step word problems
  • Strategies to add up to four two-digit numbers
  • Introduction to chip model and arrow method
  • Fluency of addition facts

Weekly Reminders

  • Brag Tag books should come back each day signed
  • Make sure your child and you are checking Google classroom each night for homework.
  • Make sure you are practicing the HFW for Jan.
  • Remember that Zearn is something new starting this month
    • if your child did not finish it in class they should be finishing it at home
  • Each guided reading group now has a Google classroom that they need to be checking each night for homework

Homework News

*Check Hamilton Google classroom each night
*20 Mins of reading each night
*Xtramath.org  2 to 3 times a week
*Zearn if not finished during math rotations at school

Specials Schedule

Monday: MUSIC/PE
Tuesday: PE
Wednesday: PE
Thursday: MUSIC
Friday: ART

LUNCH/RECESS:  12:15-12:50 daily

Contact Info

Phone:  630.428.7277
E-mail:  traci_hamilton@ipsd.org