Welcome Team 4 Dolphins!

Project Arrow Team 6-4/7-4
     Kathy Sheehan, TC
     630.428.6300 ext. 9333

     Angela Born
     630.428.6300 ext. 9348

     Beth Hafenrichter
     630.428.6300 ext. 9335

     Ann Heath
     630.428.6300 ext. 9351

Project Arrow Team 8-4
     Fatima Khan, TC
     630.428.6300 ext. 9361
     Meghan Brazel
     630.428.6300 ext. 9354

Teams 6-4/7-4 and 8/4

Progress Reports will be available in HAC on October 2nd.  The first quarter ends on October 30 and Q1 grades will be view able in HAC on November 2.

Author Visits:  

    Sept. 26th - 6th Grade

    Nov. 9th - 7/8th Grade

Conference Schedule:

Thursday, November 9th 4:30-8:00

Monday, November 13th 8:00-11:00, 12:00-3:00, and 4:30-8:00


Just as a reminder, not all parents need to attend middle school conferences.  

Typically we prioritize conferences based on how well a student has transitioned to the middle school and/or the PA program.  

If your child is struggling, we want to meet with both you and your child in order to problem solve what needs to be done to help with the transition.  Please know that Team 6-4/7-4 sees 117 students and we have a limited number of conferences, so if you are able to have questions answered by email or phone, we encourage you to do so and leave the conference times for those who need additional support at this time.