Welcome Team 4 Dolphins!

6th/7th PA

8th PA
Project Arrow Team 6-4/7-4
     Kathy Sheehan, TC
     630.428.6300 ext. 9333

     Angela Born
     630.428.6300 ext. 9348

     Beth Hafenrichter
     630.428.6300 ext. 9335

     Ann Heath
     630.428.6300 ext. 9351

Project Arrow Team 8-4
     Kiki LaBianca, Long-Term Guest Teacher      for: Fatima Khan, TC
     630.428.6300 ext. 9361

     John Bajusz
     630.428.6300 ext. 9354

Team 6-4/7-4
Wow the first quarter has really flown.  The final day of the quarter is next Friday, October 21. 

Please take a few moments to review your child's grade for each of their classes before the quarter ends next week.

It you have any questions or concerns, please contact the specific teacher.