Welcome to Granger 8-2

Team 8-2 Welcomes you. Please check this site for useful information to help you stay organized during your final year at Granger Middle School. We are dedicated to preparing you for a successful high school career!


Bryan Carter (ELA and Social Studies)

email: bryan_carter@ipsd.org phone: 630-375-1010 X5722

Brian Klaft (Science)

email: brian_klaft@ipsd.org phone: 630-375-1010 X5721

Kristin Fino (ELA and Social Studies)

email: kristin_fino@ipsd.org phone: 630-375-1010 X5700

Beth Bauer (Math)

email: beth_bauer@ipsd.org phone: 630-375-1010 X5750

Megan Walsen (ELA and Social Studies)

email: megan_walsen@ipsd.org phone: 630-375-1010 X5791

Myranda Corral (Support Facilitator)

email: myranda_corral@ipsd.org phone: 630-375-1010 X


Home Access Codes:

X- Excused (does not impact grade)

Blank- Teacher has not entered (no need to worry)

Z- Missing (impacts grade and you should talk to the teacher)

ABS- Absent (you need to turn this in or it will turn into a Z)

Y/N- Yes or No for turn in (does not impact grade)

TI- Turned In, but not yet graded