Welcome Page

Team 8-2 Welcomes you. Please check this site for useful information to help you stay organized during your final year at Granger Middle School. We are dedicated to preparing you for a successful high school career!

Please note that to access the "Online Textbook" link on the left navigation bar, you MUST be logged into your child's IPSD Google account, as the textbook publishers require this.

 Teacher Email Address     Phone Number
Brian Klaft
Team Leader & Science Teacher
 brian_klaft@ipsd.org (630) 375-1010 ext. 5711
Bryan Carter
ELA & Social Studies
 bryan_carter@ipsd.org     (630) 375-1010 ext. 5722
Ellen Bell
Supported Education
 ellen_bell@ipsd.org     (630) 375-1010 ext. 5709
Kristin Fino
ELA & Social Studies
 kristin_fino@ipsd.org (630) 375-1010 ext. 5700
Samantha Hannon
Math & Social Studies
samantha_hannon@ipsd.org (630) 375-1010 ext. 5761

Teaching Assistants
Jacqueline Goff
Christine Wagenknecht

This Google Site is new this year, so we value your feedback.  Please let us know if anything is difficult to navigate or if you have any suggestions.  

Trouble Shooting

If an online resource is not working try a different browser.  For example, if in Chrome, try using Internet Explorer.  At times, different online resources work only in a specific browser.

Home Access Codes: 
X- Excused (does not impact grade) 
Blank- Teacher has not entered (no need to worry)
Z- Missing (impacts grade and you should talk to the teacher) 
ABS- Absent (you need to turn this in or it will turn into a Z)
Y/N- Yes or No for turn in (does not impact grade)


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