Granger Team 7-2

Welcome to Team 7-2's homepage for the 2016-2017 school year! We have some new additions to our team, and we look forward to meeting our students to come up with our new team name! In the past, we've been the "7-2 Einsteins," "Pirate Crew," "Nelson's Minions," "Mustache Crew," and "Incredible Crew." See you soon!



 Teacher Email Address     Phone Number
Kathy Budd     
Team Leader and Special Education (630) 375-1010 ext. 5703
Donna Jackson
English Language Arts (630) 375-1010 ext. 5716
Allison Janacek
English Language Arts

 (630) 375-1010 ext. 5765
Dwight Nelson
Science (630) 375-1010 ext. 5717
Michele Nowoj
Math (630) 375-1010 ext. 5715
Jacob Sanders
English Language Arts (630) 375-1010 ext. 5740