Granger Team 7-2

Welcome to Team 7-2's homepage for the 2017-2018 school year!
Beginning of the Year Dates/ Information
  • Thursday, August 24th: First day of school, textbook checkout
  • Friday, August 25th: Absent student textbook checkout, personal reading checkout (in ELA), collection of 1:1 signed permission slip (NEW to Granger students only)
  • Monday, August 28th: Chromebook checkout
  • Tuesday, August 29th: Absent students, NEW to Granger students who turn in 1:1 signed permission slip today, will check out Chromebooks

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 Teacher Email Address     Phone Number
Michele Callahan  
English Language Arts (630) 375-1010 ext. 5739
Donna Jackson
English Language Arts (630) 375-1010 ext. 5716
Kristine Kandl
English Language Arts

 (630) 375-1010 ext. 5766
Stephanie Kuehn
Math (630) 375-1010 ext. 5714
Elizabeth White (Team Coordinator)
Science (630) 375-1010 ext. 5763
Mary Weldon
Supported Education (630) 375-1010 ext. 5718