Welcome to Team 6-1

Team 6-1 welcomes you to Granger Middle School. Please check this site for useful information to help you stay organized during your first year at here at Granger. We are dedicated to preparing you for a successful middle school career.



 Teacher Email Address     Phone Number
Gene Van Dusen
Team Leader & Science Teacher
gene_vandusen@ipsd.org (630) 375-1010 ext. 5701
Carol Near
Math Teacher   
carol_near@ipsd.org (630) 375-1010 ext. 5707
Barbie Barnett
ELA & SS Teacher
barbie_barnett@ipsd.org (630) 375-1010 ext. 5704
Jamie Poulos
ELA & SS Teacher
jamie_poulos@ipsd.org (630) 375-1010 ext. 5726
Jennifer Scinto
ELA & SS Teacher
jennifer_scinto@ipsd.org (630) 375-1010 ext. 5705
Jake Pikula
Support Teacher
jacob_pikula@ipsd.org (630) 375-1010 ext. 5710
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Trouble Shooting
If an online resource is not working, try a different browser. For example, if in Chrome, try using Internet Explorer. There are some online resources that only work in a specific browser.

Home Access Codes
X - Excused (does not impact grade)
Blank - Teacher has not entered (no need to worry)
Z - Missing (does impact grade; talk to the teacher)
ABS - Absent (turn in or it will turn to a "Z")
Y/N - Yes/No for turn in (does not impact grade)

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