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Welcome to the Granger Project Arrow Page!

To access a particular grade level homework calendar, please click the team page tab above.

If students have an "off team" teacher for a subject or for Encore pages please visit those respective Google pages via the faculty and staff page.

General Information

For Teacher Contact Information Please Visit the Faculty and Staff Page Here

Assignment Notebook: Students should be writing down their work for each class, even if it is “none”.

Google Classroom: Is a place for students to access their work in a class that utilizes that portal. It will not have due dates of any sort. It is an option, but we do not use that option due to our team and school policy of the google calendar.

Google Calendar: Our grade level calendars are where you can see nightly homework to compare against the assignment notebook. Also, what nightly homework should be being completed by students. This calendar is up to date as possible. If a teacher is sick or something changed in a class it may not always be perfect—but for the most part it is.

Home Access: This is where students and parents should check weekly for grades earned. This is a portal that is view only for parents and students. Only teachers have editing rights.


X- Excused (does not impact grade)

Blank- Teacher has not entered (no need to worry)

Z- Missing (impacts grade and you should talk to the teacher)

ABS- Absent (you need to turn this in or it will turn into a Z)

Y/N- Yes or No for turn in (does not impact grade)