Chrome 101 - Maximize Your Google Experience with the
Chrome Browser, Apps, Add-ons, and Extensions
This site is no longer updated or supported. Please visit the Chromebook Essentials Site, the G Suite EDU Essentials Site, or the Recharge Learning Blog for updated resources. 
Technology is a tool to enhance teaching and learning. Technology provides teachers and students with incredible access to a world of resources and ideas. Technology supports life-long learners in student-centered classrooms.
How will you use technology to develop and enhance skills connected to collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration?
If students leave school less curious than when they started, we have failed them. #InnovatorsMindset
Learn how to fully utilize the Chrome Browser, Google Apps, Chrome Extensions, and Drive Add-ons to facilitate teaching and learning. This site will introduce educators to the ins and outs of the Chrome Browser, Google Apps, Chrome Extensions and Drive Add-ons. The intent of the content is to provide resources that learners can return to in the future. Teachers will find videos, examples, tutorials, and activities to learn more about the power of Chrome.
The Chrome Browser combined with Google Drive, Google Classroom, Web Applications, and Extensions is a powerful learning tool for teachers and students in learner-centered environments.
Watch this video and reflect on the how important it is that students become life-long learners.

There may be many ways for students to learn, but the skills of Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Communication are critical skills for students of all ages.