Welcome Cowlishaw Koalas!

Thursday, April 27

Animal Day

Bring your favorite small stuffed animal to class.

Friday, April 28

Book Celebration Day

Celebrate your hard work at the Mary Lou Cowlishaw Assembly!  Please wear GREEN for the assembly. 

Monday, May 1

Color Day

Wear your favorite color clothing to school.

Tuesday, May 2

Dance Day

Your teacher will play music so we can DANCE!

Wednesday, May 3

Extra Recess Day

We will be going out for an extra recess today.

Thursday, May 4

Fruit Day

Bring in your favorite fruit for snack today.

Friday, May 5

Game Day

Bring your favorite board game to school.  Be prepared to share your game and play with others!

Monday, May 8

Hat Day

Wear your favorite hat to school.

Tuesday, May 9

I Can Be Kind Day

Get ready to write a kind note to a special someone who helped you learn this year!

Wednesday, May 10

Joke Day

Write down your favorite joke to share.

Thursday, May 11

Koala Zoo Day

We will go to the zoo today!  Bring a lunch from home!

Friday, May 12

Lucky Day

You can sit wherever you want in the lunchroom today!  How lucky!

Monday, May 15

Mystery Visitor Day

Can you guess who will visit our classrooms today?

Tuesday, May 16

Name Day

Today we will change our names.  Choose a new name and we’ll put it on a nametag at school.

Wednesday, May 17

Outside Day

We will have one subject outside today.

Thursday, May 18

Pajama Day

Wear some cozy pajamas for a relaxing day of learning and fun!

Friday, May 19

Quiet Day

Be creative!  Find a way to communicate today without speaking!

Monday, May 22

Read Out Day

We will have our SPRING READ OUT today!  Bring a bag of books to read outside!

Tuesday, May 23

 Scavenger Hunt Day

We will have a special first grade scavenger hunt today.

Wednesday, May 24

Team Day

Wear a sports uniform/jersey to school.

Thursday, May 25

yoU Day

Today will celebrate you and all your accomplishments this year!

Friday, May 26

Very Special Day

Today is Camp Skeeter!!!  Bring your backpack for an exciting day of camp activities!  Don’t forget a blanket or towel for the picnic lunch! 

Tuesday, May 30

Watch a Video Day

We will watch an educational video today.

Wednesday, May 31

 eXercise Day

We will participate in Field Day!

Thursday, June 1

Yearbook Day

We’ll exchange autographs.  Bring your yearbook or an autograph book.

Friday, June 2

Zip up your bag and Zoom out of school day!

Last day of school! 


1212 Sanctuary Lane
Naperville, IL  60540

630-428-6100 (School Office)
630-428-6101 (Fax)
630-428-6114 (Attendance)

630-428-6119 (Classroom)
630.428.6148 (Classroom)

630-428-6146 (Classroom)
Important Dates:
11th-Field Trip-ZOO
  • 12th - Muffins with Mom (A-L) 8:15
  • 19th - Muffins with Mom (M-Z) 8:15
  • 29th - No School - Memorial Day
  • 31st-Field Day
  • June 2017
  • 2nd - Last Day of Classes (TENTATIVE)