Team 7-1 science, facilitated by Mrs. Danaher, will be directed by the Next Generation Science Standards which focus on student understanding of the processes and patterns in science. The primary resources used to engage students in learning is IQWST.

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Quarter Topics

*Nightly homework/ missed work from absences can be found within the appropriate Daily Agenda.

1st Quarter: Daily Agenda

   -Where Have All the Creatures Gone?

2nd Quarter: Daily Agenda

   -What is Going On Inside Me?

3rd Quarter: Daily Agenda

   -Why Do Organisms Look the Way They Do?

4th Quarter: Daily Agenda

   -How Does Food Provide My Body with Energy?

Grading Categories    

   -Assessments  50%

Assessment Corrections Form

   -Weekly Homework Check/Labs/Activities/Other  50%

Weekly Homework Check Correction Form

Danaher's Science Homework Calendar (based on agendas)

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Google Classroom

Google classroom will be used for science class materials, information and communication.  Use code given in class to register.

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