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Welcome to Project Arrow Team Page! Below you will find contact information for all the Project Arrow teachers and the subjects they teach. To access an individual teacher's page, click on the appropriate grade level link to the left. From the grade level page you can link to the individual teachers.

Sixth Grade
    Nicole Valenza
    PA English Language Arts and Social Studies
    630-428-5600 x9221    nicole_valenza@ipsd.org

    Richelle DiCola
    PA Science, PA Math - Pre-Algebra and Social Studies
    630-428-5600 x 9223     richelle_dicola@ipsd.org

Seventh Grade
   PA ELA and Social Studies
   630-428-5600 x9226     jayne_ogorman@ipsd.org
     Kristen McLaughlin
    PA Math - Algebra, Science and Social Studies
    630-428-5600 x 9257     kristen_mclaughlin@ipsd.org

Eighth Grade
    Bryan Buss
    PA English Language Arts and Social Studies
    630-428-5600 x 9207       bryan_buss@ipsd.org
    Sue Ellen Gerchman
    Project Arrow Team Leader
    PA Science, Geometry, and Social Studies
    630-428-5600 x 9206       sue_gerchman@ipsd.org

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