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2016-2017 School Year

Ms. Michelle Corlew 

Genetics & 
AP Biology


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SNPs Mini-Unit

Unit 7 Mendelian Inheritance
Unit 8 Bioethics

Unit 11 GMOs

Unit 12 RNAi
Unit 13 Assisted Reproductive Technologies & Embryology

March for Science!
Saturday April 22


Why I March:  I am choosing to attend the March for Science (on Earth Day!) to bring attention to the War on Science by the White House  and so many others in America today.  The future of mankind, and the future of this planet will be determined by the policies and decisions we make in the coming years, and these decisions need to be grounded in peer-reviewed research.  Decisions made for short-term economic gain by a few will be our undoing.  By attending the March for Science I hope to bring the need for funding of basic research and the opportunities available to the forefront for the young people I work with every day.

A nice opinion piece from the Washington Post about the March for Science - with some great info on the 2013-14 Ebola outbreak:  


AP Biology

Study Tips!
Power Words!  

2016-17 AP Bio Summer Work

Unit 0 Ecology 
Unit 1 Biochemistry 
Unit 2 Cells and Cell Membranes, Homeostasis
Unit 3 Enzymes, Catalysis, and the Digestive System
Unit 4 Respiration & Photosynthesis
Unit 5A Mitosis, the Cell Cycle, and Mendelian Genetics
Unit 5B Meiosis, Sexual Reproduction, and Mendelian Genetics
Unit 7 Gene Expression & Regulation, Viruses
Spring Break Homework - Ecology Reading Guides

Unit 8 Early Earth and the Diversity of Organisms

Unit 10 Anatomy - Nervous & Immune Systems