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This site has information and resources for both the AP Biology and Genetics classes for the 
2017-2018 School Year

Ms. Michelle Corlew 

Genetics & 
AP Biology


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SNPs Mini-Unit

Unit 7 Mendelian Inheritance
Unit 8 Bioethics

Unit 11 GMOs

Unit 12 RNAi
Unit 13 Assisted Reproductive Technologies & Embryology

AP Biology

Power Words!  

2017-18 AP Bio Summer Work

Unit 0 Ecology 
Unit 1 Biochemistry 
Unit 2 Cells and Cell Membranes, Homeostasis
Unit 3 Enzymes, Catalysis, and the Digestive System
Unit 4 Respiration & Photosynthesis
Unit 5A Mitosis, the Cell Cycle, and Mendelian Genetics
Unit 5B Meiosis, Sexual Reproduction, and Mendelian Genetics
Unit 7 Gene Expression & Regulation, Viruses

Unit 8 Early Earth and the Diversity of Organisms

Unit 10 Anatomy - Nervous & Immune Systems