Be Respectful * Be Responsible * Be Safe

      Welcome to Second Grade!

 Contact Information
  • Mrs. Hebenstreit
    • 630-428-6086
  • Mrs. Mulacek
    • 630-428-6170
  • Mrs. Rice
    • 630-428-6162

March Parent‐Teacher conferences are scheduled on an as‐needed basis. Teachers may request a conference if there is news regarding academic or behavior progress.

We continue to practice finding “Just right” books. Please encourage your son/daughter to be filling out their November Reading calendar nightly! Each night they should be reading at least 20 minutes! Please return December 22nd. 
  **You may use the same books for both the school Candy Land Log and Second Grade Reading Log.

Send all snow gear for recess in a separate bag that can be placed in the hallway. Don’t forget hats & mittens!


*February 2 Spirit day!
*February 14– Valentine Exchange
*February 19– No school– President’s Day