Welcome to Mrs. Braband's Contact & Resource Page
Hello. This page is used as a link to the classes I teach, either PreCalculus or College Algebra. Each class title below contains a link to the course syllabus.

Neither class has a physical text, but PreCalc has access to MathXL through the Pearson Easy Bridge link which can be accessed through the student Single Sign-On(SSO) through nvhs.ipsd.org. The PreCalc text is a pdf format located in the Google Classroom.

College Algebra is a course which utilizes different avenues for providing content and assessment practice to students with the goal of easing the transition for college readiness. We partner with College of DuPage, but this is not a dual credit course. 1) We will follow theme-based curriculum covering tasks connecting learned math from previous courses with real world problems sets 2) We will to use the ALEKS.com site as active weekly practice to maintain and improve upon math skills needed as they transition to college, 3) C.O.D. will offer opportunities for students in this course to take the ALEKS PPL Math placement test many needed for determining math placement in a college course in their freshman year. A portion of those assessments will be proctored at NVHS.

Most information needed for either class can be found in the course's Google classroom link which student must access through Single Sign-On(SSO) . Below are links to each course's syllabus and curriculum calendar.

Mrs. Teri Braband
  • School: NVHS-Main Campus; Office D100
    • (I arrive in D100, the Math Office, around 7:00 a.m. on most days)
    • I can be found after school in either D100 or D105
  • Phone: (630) 428-6000 X:4626
  • Email: teri_braband@ipsd.org
  • See Google Classroom site for your class. Access embedded folders for more information. Class pacing, worksheets, notes, answer, keys, etc. can be found in each course's calendar. Links to both are below.
    • College Algebra Syllabus & Calendar