Welcome to Mr. Braband's Contact & Resource Page
Hello. This page is used as a link to the classes I teach, either PreCalculus or Geometry. Each class title contains a link to the syllabus. Neither class has a physical text, but Geometry has access to the online text through the Pearson Easy Bridge link that can be accessed through the Student Single Sign-on through nvhs.ipsd.org. The PreCalc text is a pdf format located in the Google Classroom. The Google classroom link will send students to the hub that will house unit folders, worksheets, and assignments.

Mrs. Teri Braband
  • School: NVHS-Main Campus; Office D100
    • (I arrive in D221 at 7:10 a.m on most days)
  • Phone: (630) 428-6000 X:4626
  • Email: teri_braband@ipsd.org
Classroom Resources-
  • Google Classroom - unit folders which include worksheets, keys, pacing, etc.