Watts Happening in 2nd Grade

Second Grade Musical is Thursday, April 6th from 

April 6, 2017

As many of you know, Second grade students are preparing their music program, Somewhere in The World Right Now, to be held on Thursday, April 6th.  The students will perform an all school assembly as our dress rehearsal on the 3/6 as well as an evening performance for family and friends in the May Watts Gym at 7 PM.  It is an expectation that all second grade students attend the evening program. 


This year’s program is based on the book, Somewhere in the World Right Now.  The book describes that while it may be 7 PM here in Naperville, it is midnight, dawn, noon or sunset in other parts of the world because the world is constantly turning.  Throughout the program you will see and hear students singing, playing instruments, dancing and reading parts of the book. 



Watt are we learning?

Second graders at May Watts are learning about economy and we will soon be having our 2nd grade store.  More to come on that soon.   

  • Tracy Benyo Room 202, tracy_benyo@ipsd.org, 630 428-6735
  • Mary Blessing Room 203, maryl_blessing@ipsd.org, 630 428-6751
  • Sara Fragen Room 201,   sara_fragen@ipsd.org, 630 428-6728
  • Stacey Wilke Room 204,  stacey_wilke@ipsd.org 630 428-67
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  • Thursday, April 6th Musical 7p.m.
  • Thursday, April 27 Field Trip to North Central College to see Robin Hood by Alphabet Soup Company