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SECOND graders have GROWTH mindset!
 SEPTEMBER 25,2017

In Math second graders at May Watts are working measuring, comparing measurements and the metric system.
In this 12-day Grade 2 module, students engage in activities designed to deepen their conceptual understanding of measurement and to relate addition and subtraction to length.  Their work in Module 2 is exclusively with metric units in order to support place value concepts.  Customary units are introduced in Module 7.

In Word Study during the month of September your child will be working on the following concepts:
  • Consonant clusters: br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr
  • Word examples: brick, crack, drip, fresh, frog, grip, prize, truck
  • Compound words: two words that are put together. 
  • Word examples: backyard, afternoon, classroom
  • Prefixes: words with un- and re- added to the beginning of the word.
  • Word examples: unkind, uneven, recycle, rebuild
  In Social Studies  second graders at May Watts are learning about growth versus fixed mindsets.  The video below explains.  Next we will be studying different types of communities, their similarities and differences and how they are interdependent on one another. 


High Frequency Words (HFW) for this quarter include:  
carry, said, game, able, stay, walk, last, each,  dark, think, why, place, over, name, work, teacher, fish, begin, air, today, where, must, new, part, time, very, feel, little, rain,  under, sky, city, just, does, start, week, door, any, both


  • Wednesday, September 27th - Curriculum Night 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.
  • October 7th Color Run Fundraiser