Reengeneering Agricultural Extension

Akhmad Hidayat Rahadian, Agricultural Kybernologist

University of Padjadjaran
Jl. Dipati Ukur No 35 Bandung


There are several of extension issues which are big and complicated enough from the side of identification result and solutions.  Those issues become complicated because of the change of farmers’ needs, free market, the development of science and technology, high expectation to extension, lack of priority, and extension institutionalization; so that reinventing people farmers, government, redefining, redesigning, reconstructing system and reengineering policy implementation.
There are seven steps of Reengineering extension: (1) to enforce law and authority, (2) to reformulate policy and decide extension strategy, (3) to reconstruct extension system in local autonomy extension nuance, (4) to implement new policy in form of extension revitalization, (5) to review bottom-up planning, participation, community based development, transparency, and accountability, (6) to place supervision, control, monitoring and evaluation (monev) on a solid footing, and, (7) to reconstruct the duty of performance report.  

Keywords: Agricultural Extension, Reengineering Extension, Reinventing people farmers.

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