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Vol 1 Number 1 July 2010

Editorial  (Volume 1, Number 1, July 2010)

Welcome to the first issue Volume 1 of International Journal of Kybernology (IJoK).  The objective of IJoK is to develop, promote and coordinate the science and practice in the broad area of governance. It also aims to help researchers, lecturers, government practitioners and policy makers to contribute and disseminate information and to learn from each other’s work. Kybernology is the theme in the first issue of IJoK.  Different authors have proposed different topics and of course different approach to describe every side of Kybernology. The first paper by Taliziduhu Ndraha from IPDN, describes the Body of Knowledge of Kybernology. There are three essential dimensions of Body of Knowledge: (1) Differentiation, (2) Change, and (3) Innovation. 

I would like to thank all the authors who have submitted papers to this issue, the members of editorial board and the all reviewers (advisory board) who were involved in the refereeing of the manuscripts.

I look forward to continue receiving your articles for publication in future issue of this journal.

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