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Job Stress And Its Influence To Employee’s Performance


Heru Rochmansjah

Institute of Home Affairs Governance (IPDN)

Jl. Raya Bandung-Sumedang Km 20 Jatinangor, Sumedang




Achievement of the goals of an organization can be done without significant obstacles in any event, if the coaching of employees or employees conducted in such a manner, such as the relationship between employee, supervisor and subordinate relationships, maintaining a work environment and do not miss about stress management, this needs to be done because many this is a factor influencing performance. To achieve the objectives of this organization needs qualified human resources.

The purpose of this study was to describe comprehensively about the level of job stress and employee performance and the influence of both these variables within the Municipal District Office Ujungberung using descriptive survey research method approach in which this study focuses on one object by describing specific, concrete.

Based on research results of general staff stressed enough in carrying out everyday tasks is shown with the acquisition of things the average score of 53.91%, and employee performance Ujungberung Bandung District Office is good, this is indicated by an average score of acquisition amounted to 80.28%, based on analysis results from this study can be told.

Keywords: employee performance, job stress of employees


1.                  INTRODUCTION

Bad working life quality can cause stress in the office.  Job stress is a general terminology which refers to stress and problems faced by every person in his or her working life.  The concept of stress has positive and negative meanings. If people can arrange and manage stress well, so it will grow spirit and motivation to work psychologically. However, excessive stress will distemper physically or non-physically.

A sustainable stress at higher and average level will be disfunctional, which means that it will inhibiting performance. It happens because the employee uses more energy and mind to reduce and fight stress that goes on inside her/him than doing the work that is responsible for.  While stress at low level up to average level but not sustainable, it is functional, which means it can improve the ability to achieve higher because the employee works in a stressful situation. In such kind of situation, the employee often does his or her work better, more intensive and faster.

Governance paradigm currently refers to a professional, honest, fair and transparant governance apparatus performance in carrying out government affairs, development and social affairs. Therefore, figure of the government apparatus or public servant becomes very important because they are the main key to the smooth wheels of government, particularly in the effort to implement vision, mission, and strategy of the development.  Talking about Public Servant in Indonesia, people tend to see that the number are much, lazy, and no skill.   Those characters are formed by many things which connected one another, start from the first step of selection, uncertain career path, incorrect assessment of the work, low income, lack of professional attitude, and so on.

It is important to discuss on job stress related to organization nowadays, because:

1.    Stress problem is a hot issued discussed currently, and its position is very important related to work productivity of the employees.

2.    Stress is influenced by the factors outside and inside of the organization.  Therefore, its existence should be aware and understood.

3.    Understanding of sources of the stress completed with how to overcome it is very important for the employees and anyone who involved in an organization for the sustainability of health and effective organization.

4.    Many of us are certainly part of one or few of organizations, whether as upper level or staff have ever been stressed even in a very low level.

5.    In progress era, people are getting busier where work equipments are more modern and efficient. In another side, work load in each organization is getting more.  This condition certainly demands more energy of the employees.  It causes stress in high level.

Issues on job stress are basically connected to the stress happens in work environment, it is the interaction process between a staff with his or her work aspects.  Talking about stress, we need to understand first the meaning of stress in general.

Gibson et al (in Yulianti, 2000) said that job stress is conceptualized as respond and stress as stimulus-respond. Stress as stimulus is an approach that emphasizes on environment. Stimulus is defined as a strength that stress on an individual to respond the stressor. This approach sees stress as a consequence of interaction between environment stimuli with individual respond. Stimulus-respond approach defines stress as a consequence of interaction between environment stimuli with individual stress. Stress is not only as a stimulus or respond, but as a result of unique interaction between environment stimulus condition and individual tendency to respond.

Luthans (in Yulianti, 2000) defines stress as a respond to adapt which is influenced by individual differences and psychological process as the consequence of action environment, situation or an event which too much demand psychological demand and individual physical. Then, it can be concluded that job stress appears because the demand of environment and respond of each individual to face it is different.

Job stress problem in a company organization becomes an important syndrome to observe since a demand to be efficient is appeared to work. As the consequence of job stress, people tend to be nervous, increased tension in emotion, thinking process and individual physical condition. Besides, as the result of job stress, employees feel some stress syndrome that can threat and disturb their job implementation such as: easy to get mad and aggressive, can’t be relax, unstable emotion, doesn’t want to cooperate, not to be involved in and problem to sleep or insomnia.

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