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Logo is a graphic mark, emblem, and word mark is used by the management to aid and promote instant public recognition to the journal. Steering Wheel is chosen as the journal’s brand or logo based on philosophic, historical, geographic and cultural considerations. Indonesia is an archipelagic country, covering thousands of islands, bound by many seas and surrounded by two oceans. The people primarily communicated by rivers and seas, their notion of the destination of life was the harbor, the way for reaching the harbor was the voyage, and the vehicle was the ark (bahtera) with the steersman behind the steering wheel, steering the ark toward harbor. Among the six components of the voyage: the harbor, ark, steer, steering wheel, steersman, and the steering, the last one is the most important. On the first place, the safety of the voyage depends on the condition of the weather. That is why the steersman must always be alert for bad weather, storm shaking the air, iceberg watching under the water, which can suddenly destroy the voyage to pieces. The second is the quality of the ark. Anticipating all dangers, the building materials and the construction of the ark must be strong enough, that it can arrive safely to the harbor in good as well as bad weather. The ark should be qualified as all-weather vehicle.

What if the danger is inevitably happen and suddenly strike the ark? What about the passengers? The first should be saved were those helpless, disabled and weak people, while the last is the steersman him - or herself if there are still chance and time! This is the Maritime Ethics. And. . . . what about the cargos? Human life is far more valuable than any cargo. So, if necessary, for the sake of many people scaring in danger, or if the ark seems overloaded, the cargos maybe thrown into the see. Any cargo symbolized the partial interest of the politicians who stayed happy at home. This is the Maritime Law.      

So, why not using steering wheel as brand or logo of the Kybernology?

Taliziduhu Ndraha, Kybernologist

Editor in Chief