About IJoK

Institut Pemerintahan Dalam Negeri (IPDN) is the higher learning institution under the jurisdiction of Departemen Dalam Negeri Republik Indonesia (The Department of Home Affair of the Republic of Indonesia). The institute offers graduate and post graduate study on Ilmu Pemerintahan (Governance Science) called Kybernology.  The mission of the institute is to meet the need of lower, middle and higher ranking well-educated and well-trained professionals on home affairs called pamongpraja, both at central and local levels of governance.

In order to give the public up-to-date first hand information about the institute’s semiannual journey, responding to external and internal academic challenges, and contributing some ideas for achieving good governance in Indonesia and neighbor countries years to come, IPDN through Lembaga Pengabdian Masyarakat (LPM) has recently create a scientific international journal called International Journal of Kybernology (IJoK). It publishes writings or articles on government studies in English.