IP College, an institution of liberal arts, has inaugurated Department of Sociology, expanding the range of its programs in the Social Sciences and Humanities. The tradition of  sociology in University of Delhi is more than 50 years old, and the university is regarded one of the pioneering places for sociological research and teaching. The college draws on this tradition of scholarship and seeks to contribute to the expansion of the discipline.

With its ability to reconcile the analysis of large-scale global forces with the subtleties of everyday life, Sociology has emerged as one of the most sought after programs at the undergraduate level. By developing advanced methods and techniques for social enquiry, sociology, today, is pushing back the limits of curricular requirements, expanding the horizons of thought and the field of action.

The university undergraduate program, a choice based credit system, is uniquely designed, keeping in mind the classical texts and the contemporary advancements in sociological research. The curriculum is dynamic and frequently updated in consultation with the teachers and practitioners of the discipline.

The core of our pedagogical philosophy is based on interactive learning where students are encouraged to develop their own perspectives on social reality. In the informational abundance available in this digital era, we explore a mode of teaching where students learn to integrate information with their own experiences and observations to develop a nuanced understanding of the world.