Departmental Committees

 S.No.     Name of the Committee
 Name of the Faculty Member

 1. Academic Standards Committee

 Ms. Paulavi Das
 2. New Teaching Post Committee

 Dr. Udaya M. Yogi
 3. Time Table Committee

 Dr. Neela Manocha
 4. B.A. Programme Committee

 Ms. Paulavi Das
 5. Library Committee
 Mr. Mohammad Irshad
 6. Prizes & Scholarships Committee

 Dr. Neela Manocha
 7. Student Aid Committee

 Dr. Supriya Saha
 8. Career Guidance and Placement Committee
 Mr. Tumchopemo E. Tsanglao
 9. Website Committee

 Ms. Dipika Bhatia
 10. Departmental Academic Society Advisor
 Ms. Dipika Bhatia
 11. Community Outreach Representative Mr. Mohammad Irshad