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About the Department

The Department of Environmental Studies is one of the youngest departments of Indraprastha College for Women and was established in the year 2014. The Department was set up as a response to the University of Delhi’s direction for all colleges to initiate a One Semester Compulsory Course on Environmental Studies. The University’s direction made it mandatory for every student who took admission in the academic year 2014-15 in any college of DU, to undertake one Semester, compulsory course on Environmental Studies.

With the introduction of the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) in the University of Delhi in the academic year 2015-16, Environmental Studies is now a 4 Credit Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC). Every student needs to undertake one semester compulsory course on Environmental Studies either in the First or the Second Semester of the first academic year.

The Department of Environmental Studies coordinates and teaches the AECC Course on Environmental Studies to all students who are enrolled in all the other Departments of IP College. Environmental Studies is a highly specialized interdisciplinary subject and imparting environmental education therefore requires academicians who are trained in the subject. The Department of Environmental Studies comprises faculty who possess such qualifications and are highly qualified in their respective areas of expertise.

The Department of Environmental Studies is well connected with eminent academicians, scholars and researchers from various disciplines who are contributing to the multidisciplinary field of Environmental Studies. The Department is also well connected with Environmental Studies' academicians and professionals of international repute.

The Department adopts class-room, field and project based approach for teaching Environmental Studies and for ensuring that students develop an overall understanding of the subject. Students are also offered internship opportunities with various environmental organisations which are facilitated by the Department. The Department also facilitates the participation of students in various environment related workshops, conferences and youth summits. 

Online certificate course on ‘Ecology, Environment and Sustainability' (18 August - 15 September 2020)

Last Updated:- 11 August 2021