About The Department

Thrust area: The department of English teaches English at various levels ranging from basic, intermediate and advanced to technical writing and literature to a wide spectrum of students from several courses.

Expertise available: The department has a highly motivated and committed faculty with significant levels of scholarship and academic research (with many PhDs and MPhils). Apart from their expertise in teaching the core canonical curriculum, the teachers have diverse areas of specialization ranging from theatre and translation to popular culture and cinema. This enables them to have an interdisciplinary approach in the classroom, and to teach papers such as media writing, film studies and gender studies. Some of the teachers have also trained in English Language Teaching (ELT). Several department members have been involved in the formation of the English syllabi of the university and have also been part of editorial boards for textbooks taught at the undergraduate levels. The department has always promoted inclusive teaching as well as remedial teaching to underprivileged students. The excellent results that our students have consistently got over the years highlight the level of academic commitment of the teachers.

Student enrichment programmes: The department has a very active English Literary Society which regularly organizes events for the students, such as talks by eminent academicians and reputed writers, film screenings and discussions. The society organizes an annual literary fest called ‘Signs’ which chooses a new theme every year. The society also organizes the Kamath Literary Essay Writing Competition as part of its annual programme. The society had also organized a students’ trip to Jaipur in 2012 to attend the Jaipur Literary Festival. Through its various events, the society facilitates the students to engage with intellectual discourse beyond the limits of the prescribed syllabus and provides a platform for stimulating and engaging discussions.

The department has fostered and enhanced the students’ research abilities and presentation skills by making them present papers in the regularly held academic seminar and also in its annual literary festival ‘Signs.’

The students of the department bring out an annual literary magazine called ‘Inkspill.’

The students of the department are actively involved in the Translation Centre of the college, and some of them have translated and published poems and stories in the college journal for translation ‘Code,’ and have been on its editorial board.   

Several of our students are members or volunteers or working as interns in prestigious institutions and organizations such as British Council Young Global Citizens’ Summit, Times of India, Youth ki Awaaz, Child Rights and You, and many others.

The students of the department participate in Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) and Extension activities through units such as NSS, NCC and several other forums.

 Infrastructural facilities: Two computers with internet facility are available in the English department room for use by teachers and the students are encouraged to use computers available in the Computer Labs/ ICT Center. There is wifi connectivity throughout the college campus. The English department room also has a reference section for teachers with around 500 titles. The English section of the college library is regularly updated with the latest books and relevant reference materials.

National and International Conferences/Seminars: The department regularly organizes academic seminars and conferences on selected themes. Two notable conferences in recent times were a UGC funded national conference titled ‘The game’s afoot…Sport, Literature and Culture’ in 2011 and an international conference titled ‘Revisiting Shakespeare in Indian Literature and Culture’ in collaboration with the Shakespeare Society of India in 2013. 

Updated On:-2 May 2016