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The Department of Economics is one of the oldest departments in Indraprastha College for Women. The undergraduate programme in Economics offers a set of courses designed to acquaint the students with rigorous economic theories and quantitative tools of economic analysis. A sound knowledge of the theoretical and applied aspects of Economics enables students to apply their knowledge to understand economic behaviour and evaluate economic policy.

The course is taught by a committed and experienced faculty who encourage students to link economic theories with the contemporary world economy. Besides classroom lectures, the students are trained through interactive techniques such as seminars, paper presentations, workshops and field trips.

The students of the department have also been involved in various activities, both in the college and outside. Many students have held important posts in the college students union and have often figured in the Principal's Honour Roll on the College Day. The students of the department of Economics have won laurels for the college by presenting papers at the National and International level.

' Arthagya', the academic society of the department organises academic and extra curricular activities. It organises regular academic events like guest lectures by eminent speakers, workshops, field trips, paper presentations, debates and discussions. The society also organizes " Arthullas", the inter college festival of the department, where guest speakers are invited, inter- college paper presentations, debates, G-8 summits and many other events are conducted. The festival elicits a very good response with participation from the students of other colleges and institutes as well. The association also brings out a newsletter, titled “ Prophets of Profit”.

The discipline of Economics has served as the foundation for a variety of career opportunities. Our graduates have gone on to have successful careers in academics, the corporate sector, civil services and various research organisations.