Inter-disciplinarity truly embodied in its inherent structure, the B.A. (Prog.) course is designed to empower the young women with a firm grasp on different facets of life. It weaves a rich fabric from the vibrant threads of diverse disciplines such as communications (Languages - English/Hindi/Sanskrit), Technical Skills (Computer Applications), Life Skills and Community Outreach (Human Development and Family Empowerment), History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology and Mathematics. Our college stands out from most of the colleges not just by providing the best in time infrastructure but also by encouraging the B.A. (Prog.) students to explore their full potential and make a mark for themselves. The Faculty for B.A. (Prog.) hail from all departments across the college. B.A. (Prog.) committee has been formed to evaluate and respond to the needs of students. The members of this committee too come from all the departments bringing with the the expertise and knowledge of the different domains.


Updated on: 19th October, 2020