CMP History

The Iowa Comprehensive Musicianship Project is dedicated to fostering music learning with understanding for students in grades K-16 in choral, band, orchestra, and general music settings.

CMP is a planning process which teachers can apply to any level and type of musical learning situation. The process leads to a program of teaching and learning which emphasizes the interdependence of musical knowledge and musical performance.

It is not a curriculum, but rather, a means to assist teachers in selecting good repertoire, planning effective classes, rehearsals, and concerts, clarifying long-range goals and short-term objectives, developing new teaching strategies, and applying appropriate assessments of the learning process. CMP engages students actively in the learning process as they become more musically independent. Teachers become more effective and experience a higher level of personal and professional satisfaction.

All of Iowa's music organizations (Iowa Choral Directors Association, Iowa Bandmasters Association, Iowa String Teachers Association, Iowa Music Educators Association, Iowa Alliance for Arts and Understanding) have become supporters of the development and implementation of the Comprehensive Musicianship Project, which began in earnest in June of 2003.

The following guiding statements have been formulated by the Iowa CMP steering committee, made up of representatives of the above-mentioned music organizations:

*The study and performance of music is valued because of its intrinsic qualities.

*Opportunities for in-depth instruction occur in all musical learning environments

*Learning is guided by careful planning, stated intentions, and assessment of results.

*Guiding students toward musical independence is an important outcome of the program.

*Instruction utilizes a variety of process-oriented strategies, creating an active learning environment.

Interested? Need more information? Contact Aimee Beckman - Collier at Drake University Music Department.