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Membership in the Northwest Junior High Bands is open to any student enrolled at Northwest who has had elementary band experience on a band instrument, or has received permission from the band staff. To maintain membership, the student must accept the obligations of being a good band member, take lessons regular lessons on his/her instrument, and make satisfactory progress in gaining proficiency on his/her instrument. This includes regular practice and attendance at all performances which are a required part of the band curriculum. Your performance at the end of the trimester is your final exam.


Rehearsal Rules

  1. When the Director is on the podium, DO NOT TALK.
  2. Always use Proper Playing Position
  3. No gum, drinks, candy or food allowed in the band room.


Rehearsal Procedures

Beginning of rehearsal

1.     Be in your chair with your instrument and your music within 3 minutes of the bell

2.     Reed players may get out their reeds to soak them

3.     Have your folder-put music in order listed on the board

4.     Do not play your instrument until the director takes the podium.

End of Rehearsal

1.     The Director, not the bell, will dismiss the band

2.     Put your instrument on the proper shelf/locker and your folder in the proper slot. Have a nametag on your case. Close and latch all cases. Place them on the shelves in the storage area.


Regular attendance at rehearsals and activities is extremely important. Each person is an important member of the band. There are no “benchwarmers” in band. Performances are a required part of being in band and they are a large part (1/3rd) of your grade. Performances are posted on the bulletin board in the band locker room, online at, and will always be in newsletters from NWJH. Please refer to this calendar as you are making plans throughout the year.

The only absences excused for performance: illness, emergency, or other circumstances discussed with the director prior to the event. We are severely diminished by any absence. Please remember the obligation to the other members of the band.


Lessons are an extremely important part of our band program and a large part of the grade. All students are required to take regular lessons. Small group lessons are available at school. Individual private lessons are highly recommended. Ask your directors for a list of recommended private teachers in the area. Students who take privately may be exempt from school lessons. Our rotating lesson program depends on your regular attendance for its success. Students who consistently miss lessons fall behind and hold back the rest of the group.


We understand that there are times that you cannot attend your lesson because of a test or classroom assignment. When this happens, simply fill out the Lesson Excuse Form (sample below) and have your classroom teacher sign it. This form must be turned in no later than two weeks following the absence! Only 3 excused lessons are allowed per trimester. You will be responsible for scheduling a make-up lesson for any additional missed lessons. Lesson attendance appears on Power School. Unexcused lessons will affect your grade.




Lesson Excuse Form (SAMPLE)                     Date of absence                                   


Name___________________________  Class _________________________________


Teacher’s Name_________________________________________________________


Reason for missing lesson:     Test ______  Other ___________ (be brief-this is not an essay)


Teacher’s Signature:___________________________________________________

(This signature is the only part of the form done by the classroom teacher. The student will do the rest.)


Auditions and Seating

All 7th Grade Band members will take the Watkins-Farnum Test the first few weeks of school to monitor progress. Any new or transfer student will take the test upon enrollment to determine placement. Initial seating for the first trimester is based on the results.  

During the second and third trimesters, seating for 7th and 8th grade bands is based on a prepared performance exam. Performance exams include scales and a prepared piece. The requirements will be given in detail prior to the exam. 

Instrument Storage and Care of Equipment

All instruments are to be in the assigned storage areas during the day. Instruments that are small enough may be in your locker. Do not leave instruments in the gym, hallway, classrooms, or other places where they might be damaged/stolen. Make sure that you have a name tag on your instrument case or percussion mallet bag.

Music folders may be taken home for practice. Communicate with your stand partner of this occurrence.  You are responsible for the condition of the folder and its contents. Students will be billed $12.00 for damaged or lost music as they are for textbooks. Keep your folder in its numbered slot in the rack, not on the instrument shelves or in your locker. You and your partner should work out a method so each of you can practice the music in the folder.



There will be letter grades for each 12-week grading period as well as the mid-term on the following scale: 

                        A= 90% of total possible points

                        B= 80% of total possible points

                        C= 70% of total possible points

                        D= 60% of total possible points

                        F= below 60% of total possible points 

Points are on the following system: 

LESSONS (40% of the total grade)

10 points for each prepared lesson. If a lesson is missed/forgotten and does not qualify as excused by a teacher, then the student may schedule/attend a make-up lesson for 10 points if within 3 weeks of the missed lesson.  Later than 3 weeks within the same trimester a make-up lesson is still encouraged, but only 9 points will be given for the grade. 


10 points are given for each week of rehearsal in which all proper rehearsal techniques are demonstrated. This includes all rehearsal rules. 

PERFORMANCES (35% of the grade)

40 points are available for every required performance listed on the calendar.                                                                                                       

Tardy Policy

Band rehearsals begin 3 minutes after the bell rings. Students must be in their seats ready to play at this time. Students not prepared to play at this time will be marked tardy. As in accordance to the Northwest Junior High policies, 3 tardies equal an hour and a half of Saturday School.



Various awards are given at the end of 8th Grade in Band:

Director’s Award is for the outstanding eighth grade band member at the final concert and at the awards ceremony at the end of the school year.

Band Leadership Award is for the student or students who demonstrate outstanding leadership skills during the year in such areas as student directing the band, managing their band section, or band librarian.

Outstanding Jazz Award is for the student(s) who consistently perform at a high level in the jazz program. 


Band Letter Certificates  are earned yearly through the following award and point system

Award Point System


Activity                                                                                    Points Awarded

Concerts other than your own which you attend*                        1 point each (max. 10)

Participation in:

Jazz Band                                                                                 4 points per trimester

Honor Bands                                                                            5 points for auditioning

                                                                                                10 points for acceptance

Last Summer lessons or Private Lessons this school year             5 points

Band Camp (last summer)                                                          5 points

Car Wash                                                                                 10 points

Advanced Band, Super Lesson                                                   1 point


* Note or concert program signed by parent/guardian needed for verification


 Points accumulate from 7th and 8th grade, if you did not letter in 7th grade.


25 total points needed for Letter Award


A trophy will be awarded to the 8th grade player receiving the most Award Points.