Learner's Permit:
There are two level's of certification. The first step in your journey is the Learner's Permit. This course will provide a solid foundation for some of the key components to Google's Ecosystem.
Trophy: Learner's Permit Certificate, Acknowledgement on the Raceway Leaderboard and Badges to show off your hard work. 

Test Drive:
Once you have completed your Learner's Permit Certification, take a Test Drive with a Chromebook. This will provide a chance for you to apply some of your skills and familiarize yourself with Chromebooks. 
Trophy: You get to test drive a Chromebook,  Acknowledgement on the Raceway Leaderboard and a badges to show off your hard work. 

Driver's License
Google's Ecosystem is ever changing and has many resources to assist teachers and students. If you want to continue to build your expertise with Google tools, continue on to your Driver's License certification.
Trophy: You get a Google Badge to show your expertise with Google. Show it off in your classroom, email and more.
Get Certified

Driver's License (Coming Soon)